New Friends

by Kid Cadaver



I loved my not subtle introduction to my new friends.
Who needs the weekend?
So have your ventured bound the eyes you used to see with?
You used to love this.
You're talking to the wall
and i haven't spoke at all
and it's hardly feeling casual.
So i process what is said
and i'm laughing in my head.
You've shown me nothing here at all.

Moving west. I'll be a broken boy at best.
I'm over this. Over the Promise of moving lips.
I came and went but all the symptoms have never left.
I'm only human.

Beneath the aspirations are the parts we build ourselves with.
Feathers and red brick.
I'll show you something dear to me and hold it next to past ends.
Tell me the difference.
I do this outta love
and i won't put up a front
and that's something that will never change.
So i'm crawling up the wall
and i'm trying after all.
I couldn't stay another day.


released February 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Kid Cadaver Los Angeles, California

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