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by Kid Cadaver

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released September 24, 2013

Ray Venta: Lead Vocals/Bass
Jeremy Harris: Guitar/Vocals
Kenzo Cardenas: Drums

MUSIC BY: Kid Cadaver
LYRICS BY: Ray Venta

PRODUCED BY: Frankie Siragusa
ENGINEERED & MIXED BY: Frankie Siragusa
RECORDED AT: theLAB Studios in Los Angeles, CA
MASTERED BY: Dave Schultz at D2 Mastering
FRONT COVER ART PIECE BY: Rebecca Joanna Ramirez
GUEST GROUP VOCALS BY: Meredith Ramond, Christina Tran, Rebecca Ramirez, Marisa Shirar, Amber Rhodes, Danny Lopez, & Frankie Siragusa

SPECIAL THANKS: The Cardenas, Harris, Venta, & Hernandez families & to everyone who was involved in making the album.



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Kid Cadaver Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Let Your Youth Show
I’m capital, you're floral.
That's changing, that's normal.
Your freedom, admired.
Hide and seek go find her.

Let your youth show. I'm hopeful
You’ve been hiding long enough.
Let your youth show. I'm hopeful
This will always be enough.

I'm lightless, returning.
Be youthful, I’m learning.
I see your head turning,
No longer concerning.
Track Name: Teach You The Tongue
Swallow the sound. I need you
(To) see where I’m from. I'll lead you.
Teach you the tongue,
You’ll speak through there.

I won't leave you swooning,
I’ll just bring you through me.

Foreign exchange, I’ll teach you
Everything you'll need to
Become the queen
Of all you see.

Take the time, it's in your interest
Rarities I’d love to deal with,
Take the time it's in your interest, dear.
Track Name: Stable
Let it out, lady, sigh. I know you're deprived.
Everything around you,
It's all coming to light in your eyes.
Needing something stable.
I'm around and able.

You'll continue
What you'll need to.

Tear it down, lady, now. Before it stops you.
Lingering’s all it knows. Do what you know too.
Needing something stable.
I’m around and able.

I see it coming,
It always haunts me.
Track Name: Hesitating
You captivate me. That's just what I need.
And when you take me I’m hesitating.

You're wrong again, I need a friend
In constant movement.
It never end, it never ends.
Just please don't lose it.

Spaced far and dreaming
Cause I know you're leaving.
Why won't you take me? You're hesitating.

And I’ve been there before.
And there'll be many more.
Track Name: Shadow Lately
You know it's never really quiet,
Cause I can feel that hum.
And I've been feeling rather small here.
I'm not the only one.
Please progress, through tiredness.
And don't forget, just where I’ve been.

I’m always here, right?
Nothing’s changed just yet.
Sit down and forget.
Right here nothing’s changed just yet.
Sit down and forget.

I know that things are changing for us,
Though it's against our will.
And I will carry that around here.
I need that reminder still.
Track Name: Stick Around
Have you been going on them long rides without me?
I know your transit beats the LA freeway.
And your wavy mane is at it's best when it's windy.
So every month it's getting harder to miss me.

Your presence shrinks but your legend grows taller.
It’s hard to think but it’s always that way.
I’m kinda glad you took your time with your letter.
I needed more to think of what I would say.

Why did I think you'd stick around here for me?

I know you hate it when I act like I’m acting.
It's awfully easy to ignore what I say.
And, yes, I feel it that my imprint is fading.
It only happens when you choose not to stay.